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For those who already have an L(C)MS platform, the Extension subscription allows Teach Up to be used as a super-powerful SaaS authoring tool. And for those who don’t already have a platform for managing their training offering, or want to change platform, the all-in-one Platform subscription is right up their street!

Teach Up est...


Pour ceux qui ont déjà une plateforme L(C)MS, l’abonnement Extension permet d’utiliser Teach Up en tant qu’outil auteur super puissant, en SAAS. Et pour ceux qui n’ont pas encore de plateforme pour piloter leur offre de formation ou qui veulent en changer, l’abonnement Platform tout-en-un est fait pour eux !

What is the name of the Teach Up component that personalises the content of each training session for learners?


Thanks to built-in Artificial Intelligence, each interaction with the screen is analysed and educational algorithms build and tailor the learning experience in real time. This is known as: Adaptive Learning.

Comment s’appelle la composante de Teach Up qui permet de personnaliser le contenu de chaque formation aux apprenants ?


Grâce à une Intelligence Artificielle intégrée, chaque interaction avec l’écran est analysée et des algorithmes pédagogiques construisent et adaptent l’expérience d’apprentissage en temps réel. On appelle cela : Adaptive Learning.


What is adaptive learning?

It’s a teaching approach that consists of individualising a learning experience, taking into account criteria as varied as a participant’s learning preferences, their level of expertise in the training subject and their desires at that moment.

This can be achieved through two complementary approaches, both of which are possible with Teach Up:

  • Macro adaptive learning

A macro approach, implemented as part of a multi-module course, consists of offering the learner modules likely to offer them maximum value at the end of each module. For example, following an assessment or self-assessment, depending on the result obtained, the artificial intelligence engine suggests paths that are either likely to interest the learner or enable them to make progress. This is the simplest means of using adaptive learning… but purists often describe this as “false adaptive learning”.

  • Micro adaptive learning

This is Teach Up’s speciality! The approach is applied inside an e-learning module, and consists of capturing each of the learner’s interactions with the screen and in real time, using a huge number of dynamic algorithms operating like a neural network, adapting the training content to suit the participant’s needs, ensuring that they achieve 100% mastery (and not just progress) at their own pace.

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