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For those who already have an L(C)MS platform, the Extension subscription allows Teach Up to be used as a super-powerful SaaS authoring tool. And for those who don’t already have a platform for managing their training offering, or want to change platform, the all-in-one Platform subscription is right up their street!

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Pour ceux qui ont déjà une plateforme L(C)MS, l’abonnement Extension permet d’utiliser Teach Up en tant qu’outil auteur super puissant, en SAAS. Et pour ceux qui n’ont pas encore de plateforme pour piloter leur offre de formation ou qui veulent en changer, l’abonnement Platform tout-en-un est fait pour eux !

What is the name of the Teach Up component that personalises the content of each training session for learners?


Thanks to built-in Artificial Intelligence, each interaction with the screen is analysed and educational algorithms build and tailor the learning experience in real time. This is known as: Adaptive Learning.

Comment s’appelle la composante de Teach Up qui permet de personnaliser le contenu de chaque formation aux apprenants ?


Grâce à une Intelligence Artificielle intégrée, chaque interaction avec l’écran est analysée et des algorithmes pédagogiques construisent et adaptent l’expérience d’apprentissage en temps réel. On appelle cela : Adaptive Learning.


5 key components of an engaging e-learning module.

5 clés pour créer un module e-learning engageant

Whether you want to explore an idea before a virtual class, or delve deeper into a concept after a face-to-face session, an e-learning module must be able to take learners on a journey.

At Teach Up, we’ve identified five key factors for finding inspiration and helping you build modules that engage learners from start to finish.

1. Capture learners’ attention through powerful storytelling

Developing the narrative side of the module can have a genuine impact on participant engagement. To keep them captivated until the final screen, storytelling is key! But how do we go about this exactly?

First, take some time to write a good script. To get interested in your story, learners need intrigue, suspense, and surprising twists and turns. Word choice is important, as is tone. These small details that can help boost a participant’s long-term engagement.

Secondly, make sure your script is supported by a bold and consistent graphic universe to maximise participant engagement. Your story needs meaningful visuals that make learners want to continue the experience.

2. Add surprises all the way through by varying content

To capture learners’ attention throughout the module, switch things up by using different kinds of learning resources. The purpose of this content is to bring value to the participant and continuously spark their interest. For example, it’s important to avoid repeating the same format twice in a row.

Changing up the dynamic of your module every now and then with an unexpected sequence is a great way to boost attention at key moments.

You can include an entire immersive site within an e-learning module to create surprise. Embedding experiences within experiences is often a good way to enhance engagement, no matter what resource or format you used beforehand.

3. Stimulate hearing by integrating audio

When choosing the various content for your module, remember to integrate sound elements. It’s better to stimulate a number of senses, rather than just one. Research in neuroscience has also shown that this multi-stimulation approach may improve learning and memorisation.

Audio content is becoming increasingly popular: videos are everywhere, and podcasting is now a trend. All the more reason to make use of this content in your modules. Here’s a small list of audio resources to inspire you:

  • A summary video on a specific concept
  • Background music that sends your participants into another world
  • A snippet from a podcast with an expert to explore a complex concept

4. Strengthen engagement by encouraging interaction

By adding interaction in your module, you’ll encourage participants to be more actively involved with your content. This is a good way to enhance the experience, but above all to boost engagement.

Give them the opportunity to interact with technology by asking them to focus on a specific practice or skill, and allowing them to learn through interactive games.

You can also include social interactions so that they can interact asynchronously. Social learning is highly valued by participants. This way they’ll learn from each other as the experience unfolds, while increasing their participation.

slide ordi social learning (1)

5. Personalise the experience with adaptive learning

At the start of an e-learning module, the level of participants’ knowledge may vary significantly. This is where personalised experiences are helpful, offering learners the chance to take different paths to ultimately acquire the same level of mastery: this is what we call “adaptive learning”.

This is made possible by our Teach Up tool and its artificial intelligence for learning. This technology adapts to the learner’s needs and degree of mastery in real time, giving them a unique and personalised experience.

In other words, our AI automatically generates a multitude of interactive screens at the right time, according to the learner’s specific level. To activate this, all you need to do during the module creation phase is integrate questions into your resources and highlight certain key concepts thanks to our “intelligent” highlighter.


The more engaging a module is to the learner, the higher the completion rate. There isn’t really a magic recipe when it comes to maximising engagement, but there are best practices you can apply. We hope you found what you were looking for in this article, and that you’ll be able to test out new ideas in your future modules!

If you’re interested in our tool for creating and delivering personalised e-learning experiences, our Development Director Florence will be happy to walk you through all of Teach Up’s features.

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